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Badi gets $30M for AI-aided room rentals

Travel and Tourism: A Spanish startup gets US$30M for AI-aided room rentals

In January 2019, the Barcelona-based urban room rental startup Badi closed a $30 million funding. […]
PwC report highlights factors for adoption of AI in healthcare

Healthcare: PwC predicts that the Middle East can become a hub for AI in healthcare

The PwC report outlines the importance of factors enabling AI in healthcare businesses, highlighting the […]
Currant’s Smart Wall Outlet taps AI to reduce energy waste

Energy: An AI-powered device can minimise energy waste

Currant, the Palo Alto startup created in 2015 to develop smart home devices that reduce […]
Telemedicine logistics: network optimization using artificial intelligence

Transport and Logistics: AI to solve telemedicine logistical challenges

A moderate telehealth network size might be 100 doctors and 1000 facilities. In that context, […]
5 predictions for CRM’s AI applications in 2019

Retail: The 2019 trends in CRM’s AI applications include empathy

In today’s AI tech, systems can be trained to be more emotional and sympathetic, and […]
Cyber-security trends to look out for in 2019

Security: AI is playing an increasing role in cybersecurity deployment

In the past couple of years, cybersecurity has been under scrutiny in the geopolitical landscape […]

Finance: 2019 is the year of banking analytics transformation with AI

AI helps banking analysts to undertake their work at a speed, volume, and complexity that […]
Huawei unveils two advanced AI chips as part of its ‘big bet’ on artificial intelligence technology

Telecom: Huawei, the world’s largest telecom equipment vendor launches two AI microchips

After launching in 2018 its Cloud EI, an AI service platform for enterprises and governments, […]
How K–12 Schools Have Adopted Artificial Intelligence

Education: AI adoption in K-12 schools

Considering most of today’s K–12 students will be working by the time AI is well-established, […]

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