The First Law Enforcement Forum on Global Initiatives & Knowledge Sharing of Artificial Intelligence
The First Law Enforcement Forum on Global Initiatives & Knowledge Sharing of Artificial Intelligence
Hosted by Ai Everything, Future Societies 5.0 will showcase some of the most powerful use-cases of Artificial Intelligence in policing and deliver the definitive breakthroughs that will shape future societies, today.

International law enforcement personnel, senior commanders, security forces and government visionaries join with technology innovators, global startup founders and CIOs to lead next generation AI solutions in criminology, citizen protection and future-ready communities.

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"Dubai Police has adopted its Artificial Intelligence Strategic Plan to focus on implementing AI technologies to improve all areas of safety and public security…Let’s learn from each other towards the ultimate aim of building safer and more secure societies; future societies 5.0."

H.E. Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri
Commander-in-Chief - Dubai Police, UAE

Preview of some of our speakers in law enforcement

H.E. Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri
Dubai Police - UAE
Brigadier Khalid Al Razooqi
General Director of Artificial Intelligence Department
Dubai Police - UAE
Mark Jones APM
Assistant Commissioner
North West Metropolitan Region Command
Hyeon Yu
Professor of Cybercrime
Korean National Police Academy - South Korea
Ryan Prox
Senior Constable in Charge - Crime Analytics Advisory & Development Unit
Vancouver Police - Canada
Irakli Beridze
Head of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
United Nations
AI trailblazer who orchestrated the world’s first UN Programme on AI and Robotics, currently focusing on uncovering security, safety and economic threats
Sophie Howe
Future Generations Commissioner
Odette Meli
Australian Federal Police
Saad Amrani
Chief Commissioner & Policy Adviser
Belgian Federal Police - Belgium

"The AI strategic plan 2018-2031 focuses on achieving targets like ‘Delight the Society’ through providing future policing services easily to the public; and making ‘Dubai a Safe City’ through the use of AI systems.”

Brigadier Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi
General Director of Artificial Intelligence Department - Dubai Police, UAE

By 2031, Dubai Police will be fully AI Powered

Dubai Police Robot
Smart Drone
Smart Police Stations
Hover Bike
Autonomous Police Station
Robot Pepper
Tethered Drone
24/7 Drone
Skydiving Emulator
Recommend fastest way for emergency responders to reach accident site. AI will also be able to detect potential bottlenecks and accidents.
Dubai Police Robot
Dubai Police Robot –
The Dubai Police Robot is a service provider for the public, interacting with them and responding to their inquiries automatically and quickly using advanced artificial intelligence technology.
Smart Drone
Smart Drone –
High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (Haps) runs on solar power and fills the capability gap between a satellite and UAVs reaching heights of up to 65,000 feet and thus going beyond the scope of civil aviation.
Smart Police Stations
Smart Police Stations –
Smart Police Station (SPS) is a fully integrated, self-service police station without human intervention. It is the first of its kind in the world and allows people to apply for Dubai Police services offered at traditional police stations.

The Smart Police Station (SPS) offers up to 60 smart services.

(AMNA) is the Dubai Police virtual assistant. It helps users to apply for Dubai Police services in a faster way by voice command.

AMNA can interact and respond to the requests by using advanced artificial intelligence technology.

Hover Bike
Hover Bike –
The hover bike is the latest innovation showcase by the Dubai police. It can be controlled by RC or by the pilot.

It is environmentally friendly, can fly for 40 minutes’ in drone mode and 25 minutes’ in pilot mode with a maximum speed is 96 km / h.

The hover bike is light in weight which make it easy to transport.

Autonomous Police Station
Autonomous Police Station –
The Autonomous Electric Police Service Station, can be controlled by a smart application or by a Dubai Police officer in the operations room.

Upon request it can autonomously travel to nearby locations. It is also equipped with systems to complete transactions with the public.

Robot Pepper
Robot Pepper –
Robot Pepper can identify and greet people through face recognition technology and respond to their inquiries related to Dubai Police.

Pepper is capable of analyzing Emirates ID to identify the individual and analyzing credits cards for fine payments.

Tethered Drone
Tethered Drone –
The Tethered Drone is fitted with infrared and visible cameras and can provide a wide aerial coverage which ensures proactive responses to cases for rescue operations and provides critical support in securing large scale events (ie. Expo 2020).


24/7 Drone
24/7 Drone –
The 24/7 Drone is remote controlled and has smart sensors allowing it to continuously monitor crowded areas.


It comes ready in an electronic box allowing for rapid deployment, its camera can zoom up to 20x and has a thermal imaging feature.

Skydiving Emulator
Skydiving Emulator –
The Skydive Emulator is a game designed to train the player to jump from a plane flying at high altitudes. The objective is for the player to land on Dubai smart police station (SPS).

The player is scored on opening their parachute at the right time and altitude with the winning player being the one that landed closest to the SPS.

Oyoon –

A technical project aimed at developing an integrated surveillance systems whereby all surveillance cameras in the public and private sectors will be linked to one system supervised by the Dubai Police General HQ.
The aim of the project is three fold:
1) To provide the maximum levels of protection, security and safety for all residents, visitors and passers-by
2) To support the traffic sector in controlling the road and reduce the deaths of accidents and traffic violations
3) To support the tourism sector by monitoring negative phenomena, responding immediately to incidents before communication is received, and predicting incidents prior to their occurrence


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