How to streamline your operations and free up human resources with Robotic Process Automation.
Would your business benefit from training robot software to do ceaseless tasks without changing the system involved? Don’t miss RPA / Digitization foundations: How to start and how to use. 
RPA is a relatively new technology that has the capability to mimic human interactions.
It is predicted to reach heady heights in 2020, but its successful deployment depends on the following:
– Suitable environment in which to “plug in” the RPA tools
– Comprehension to match your organization’s specific business needs with the right RPA solution
This workshop is for you if:
– You want to free up human resources that are being used for manual repetitive actions
– You are keen to automate computer-based processes that can’t be accessed via API

Please note this is a paid workshop.

  • How does RPA fit into your business processes
  • How to orchestrate an effective operating model for RPA
  • How RPA and BPM can be used to complement each other to achieve digital success
  • Practical tips for maximizing ROI on RPA

In 2020, Forrester predicts that 25% of the Fortune 500 will add AI building blocks (e.g. text analytics and machine learning) to their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) efforts.