Here’s just some of the phenomenal Add-ons lined up to complement your Exhibition and Summit experience at Ai Everything 2020:

Human VS AI Challenge

Play to win at the region’s only AI-driven e-sports tournament featuring leading eathletes from across the GCC. Following a high-energy human battle, top ranking players will be publicly pitched against OPENAI – the world’s biggest autonomous video geek, aka your biggest rival yet.
AED 15,00o up for grabs!
Join leading eathletes from across the region
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DJ YuMi In The House

First time in the region

Let’s get this party started!
He may not be human but he sure knows how to get the crowd going. Don’t miss the Ibiza legend that goes by the name of DJ YuMi as he makes his Middle East debut exclusively at Ai Everything. Famed for a collaborative set that responds to human interaction, this raving robot is billed to create a club-worthy experience for this year’s A-list audience – and that includes you!

Jammin’ With AI

First time in the region

Unleash your inner musician 
Prepare to be transported to a fully-fledged recording studio where the decks you spin, the instruments you choose and even the environment you inhabit is all down to you. Mix some loops, drop some beats and conduct a one-of-a-kind kickass bassline – no DJ experience necessary.

Snooker Bot

First time in the region

Can AI raise your game?
Famed for his aim and here for the first time in the region, Kuka knows how to judge the lineup, experiment with different bridging styles, strike the ball square in the middle and (of course) pot the victory shot. Seeing is believing, so don’t miss his ‘big break’ exclusively at Ai Everything.

Human Study#1

First time in the region

Artificial intelligence has a new muse: you!
Strike a pose for bionic illustrators who are drawing on their own “personality” to sketch your one-off personal portrait. If you enjoy peaceful music and totally unique experiences that celebrate difference, then this one is not to be missed!

Chess Challenge

Humans are no match for this robot chess master!
Imagine an artificial intelligence-powered machine so advanced that it could beat the world’s best chess players at their own game. We found him, and now he’s waiting to meet you at Ai Everything. Yet to be defeated by a human being, this AI-powered Grandmaster robot is limbering up to take on star players from UAE Chess National team live at the show. Come along and show them some human solidarity – we have plenty of exciting prizes up for grabs.

Tap, Tap, Humtap

This AI will surely strike a chord with you!
Humtap welcomes you to a future where anyone can produce songs quickly and easily thanks to the power of AI. Featured on the pages of Forbes, CNN and Inc magazine, this mobile app technology uses smart algorithms to turn your ‘creative inputs’ (hums) into original compositions of any style. Simply hum your tune, choose your genre, select your percussion and voila, chart-worthy singles in seconds.


Use the force to move cars!
Slip on your Focus1 headband and put your (mental) pedal to the metal. This mind-blowing non-invasive technology measures your brain activity, so the harder you concentrate, the faster your slot car will go. If you ever doubted the power of thought, AI will put it to the test once and for all during this addictive F1 scenario!


VR Retro

First time in the region

Your beloved arcade games are all set for a VR-fuelled reboot!
Play the classic 80s and 90s games revamped on Virtual Reality for a whole new experience on old favourites. Now that’s called back to the future.