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Get Group uses AI to supercharge surveillance. 

As more end users see the value of preventing unauthorized entries into their buildings, physical security products are witnessing huge global growth, hiking 8.5% in value since 2018. Meanwhile, at least seventy-five out of 176 countries globally are actively using AI technologies for surveillance purposes, with that figure set to grow in line with new policy objectives aimed at enhancing societies’ wellbeing.

Utilizing deep AI and the very latest machine learning capabilities, Ai Everything exhibitors GET Group offer advanced security offerings, including CCTV integrated with video analytics, facial recognition and intrusion detection. Thanks to leading edge AI technologies, GET has expanded its focus not only to capture and record incidences but also to study and analyze behavior, tracking unusual and unexpected actions of individuals to prevent unwanted outcomes before they are ever attempted.

And it’s not just intruders that AI is sounding the alarm on. From spotting drivers using their mobiles to identifying VIP customers when they walk into a store, machine vision powered cameras are increasingly being utilized to overcome a range of public and private sector challenges worldwide.

Recognising automated surveillance as an area of AI that continues to grab global headlines, GET Group has developed a keen understanding of this expanding range of security and management issues in urban and rural environments.

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