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Saudi industries choose Datumcon to enhance their safety and security. 

Saudi Telecom Company (STC), the first company in Saudi Arabia to provide mobile and fixed line telephone services have recently signed a deal with Ai Everything Exhibitors Datumcon to bring the next fleet of AI Drone powered solutions to the Kingdom.

Renowned for providing turnkey data solutions to government, commercial, and private clients worldwide, Datumcon this year achieved region-wide acclaim for their declassified project case study exploring how AI assists crowd management in Hajj, the holy pilgrimage to Makkah. With some three million pilgrims moving between the religious sites every year, Datumcon showcased how AI technologies can assist with the safety and security of huge crowds using the annual Islamic pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia as a primary global example. Chief Executive Officer Cesar Andres Lopez is now recognised as one of the world’s top innovators in the use of neural networks for computer vision systems and will bring his wealth of expertise to the forthcoming Saudi telco collaboration.

Waleed Mutter, CEO at STC Specialized, Riyadh said, “We are working with technology leaders like DatumCon to bring the latest and most innovative solutions to Saudi Arabia. Drones are becoming increasingly important for companies as they look to hone their competitive edge, and the computer vision solution powered by AI provides the most flexible, comprehensive, and secure option for companies today.”

DatumCon founder and chief executive officer, Cesar Lopez, elaborated “We are pleased to partner with STC Specialized, providing Datum’s proven Insight-AI which is one of their most advanced solutions data-oriented solution for enterprise customers. As the world enters a new era of analytics-centric computing, this alliance will empower customers to extract from Drone data the most value, while simultaneously maintaining data custody, integrity and security.

STCSC reiterated that its drone-powered solutions are the first-of-its-kind to be fully-retained and located in Saudi Arabia, enabling customers’ data to remain within-the country and, in some applications, secured on the customer’s premises.

This aligns with Forbes recent prediction that 2020 will be the year in which users begin to directly benefit from their data being gathered, as companies come to recognise the importance of not just collecting data but also correlating users’ actions with outcomes that work in their favour.

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