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You know you need an AI strategy to take your business safely into the future. You are working on it. You hope your ideas will develop into the kind of higher level AI that generates those quick wins and long-game victories that are mounting in probability among your competitors. But will they?

In this changing world, AIDirections prepare businesses like yours for what is coming. As the winners of the prestigious Frost & Sullivan Award for Enabling Technology Leadership in 2019 (the one that is awarded but once a year for the entire Middle East and North Africa Region) this Dubai based establishment is well placed to identify the AI-related opportunities and risks that are specific to your business and your business alone.

AIDirections specialize in:

AI Readiness Model. Are the prerequisites for successful AI projects (namely digital transformation and data governance) in place? If not, what needs to happen now and in the future to ensure missed signs and opportunities will not be coming to haunt you later down the line?

Sentiment Analysis Solution. Replacing superficial physical emoji buttons that we see ‘identifying’ customer satisfaction; a normal camera can be used to deeply assess customer experience, eradicating your reliance on their express action or honesty.

Face Verification Solution. Recognizing loyal customers means increased lifetime value. Controlling access to areas means airtight safety and security. This solution ensures only machines see the face and humans see the results.

Pain Detection Solution. Upending healthcare systems that previously relied upon over-stretched workforces, this non-invasive method raises an alarm if patients pain level or other vital signs rise above a pre-defined alarm point.

AIDirection work with companies across the GCC, with a particular focus on those based in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Their research and development expertise lends itself across healthcare, retail, government, education, technology, smart cities and more. 

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