Brand New for 2020

 The Data Science Symposium welcomes machine learning engineers, computer scientists, statisticians and anyone interested in data science to connect and prepare for new ways of working. With demand for AI talent doubling in the last two years, today’s most highly sought after professionals are the ones who recognize the need to move beyond accuracy into the developers realm of agility.
Join the Symposium to discover practical application techniques courtesy of Stanford University and to be among the first in the world to hear the results of exclusive research papers delivered by leading lights in the data science world. Networking, break-out and cinema sessions will also take place to enhance your show experience.
Stanford Data Science Bootcamp
Stanford Data Science Bootcamp

Apple Data Scientist and Stanford University Lecturer Dr. Shokoohi-Yekta is here in Dubai. Join him to discover how to apply data science within your own organization – a must for the successful navigation and unraveling of valuable data. The workshop will be certified by the UAE’s National Program for Artificial Intelligence.  No computer science experience necessary. Please carry your laptop along.
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Speakers at the Symposium
Speakers at the Symposium

Bringing on average 2 decades of data science experience each to the table, our expert speakers from around the globe are coming to provide you with 7 solid hours of inspirational talks, case studies and interactive panel discussions covering technical, strategic and business perspectives.

Data Science Motion Pictures
Data Science Motion Pictures

Experience the world’s first Data Science Motion Picture at Ai Everything. Data Science Pioneers: The Next Frontier
Data Science Pioneers: The Next Frontier is the cinematic brainchild of Ai Everything exhibitors Dataiku, starring data scientists from global companies including, Daimler, Nokia Bell Labs, TomTom, Gousto and Cisco
Ai the Next Frontier: A documentary film
AI The Next Frontier is a documentary film by Technology Futurist and Filmmaker, Ian Khan. Capturing insights from globally recognized experts in Artificial Intelligence, Change makers, Think tanks and scientists, the film is a key work on separating Hype from Reality.

PLUS! The next Data Fest Data Science Conference is happening at the Ai Everything, Data Science Symposium.

Top talks from renowned experts
– Develop new insights, skills and know-how
– Network with the professional data science community