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In the upcoming weeks, the first fragrance in the world to be developed using AI will be launched for the public. This innovation is the result of a partnership between Symrise – one of the most renowned fragrance houses in the world attending Ai Everything, IBM Research – through Philyra, their AI solution using new and advanced automatic learning algorithms to examine millions of formulas and thousands of ingredients to identify new patterns and combinations, and O Boticário – one of the top global beauty companies.

Symrise used IBM’s Philyra to design two perfumes for O Boticário (launch mid-2019). As part of the human-machine development process, the formulas suggested by Philyra were tweaked by a master perfumer to emphasise a certain fragrance note and improve how long it lasted on the skin. The products, targeting the Millennial generation in Brazil, consist in two unusual fragrance combinations – mixed notes of fruits, flowers, sweets, spices, woods and even cucumber. The products have already been tested and approved by experts in the segment.

“Our research continues to push the boundaries of augmenting human expertise using AI and demonstrating how AI can assist in domains where creativity is key. Grounded in machine learning, IBM Research AI for Product Design can also be generalised to other kinds of applications like designing flavours, cosmetics and consumer products. […] While this is still research today, the technology has the potential to be made available as a service to help any number of businesses accelerate and scale their creative design process,” said Richard Goodwin (IBM Research).

Symrise’s CEO, Achim Daub, will be at Ai Everything to present the use case. IBM is Ai Everything Gold Sponsor

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