AI Labs
AI Labs

Join us for free demonstrations and simulations at AI Labs where big name tech leaders and new-kid-on-the-block Startups will be taking us step-by-step through their latest AI-powered advancement tools. Discover how AI is making real-life improvements across healthcare, education, security, public, private partnerships and more.

Session 1
Session 1

Proxima’s deep learning based remote sleep monitoring uses AI to actually improve human intelligence. Providing details of his solution that involves deep learning vision analysis, Dr. Adnan will be discussing the importance of sleep for mental wellness and the common sleep disorders typically suffered by up to 40% of the population.

Session 2
Session 2

Noisegrasp help small and medium-sized advertisers to decide where to spend their next marketing dollar and get the most ‘bang for their buck’. Their mathematical and computational techniques significantly reduce the time and cost involved in creating predictive models, making them one to watch for 2020.

Session 2
Session 3
Session 3

By the power computing, Saal allow businesses to focus on what matters most. Solving complex tasks that require the incorporation of findings from logic, they ‘help you to understand the pulse of the customer’ automating various kinds of reasoning and impact industries from education and healthcare to banking and more.

Please stay tuned for the full agenda.

Confirmed Speakers include:

Andres Gottlieb
    Vikraman Poduval
    CEO - UAE
      Jack Watts
      AI Business Development EMEA
      NetApp - UAE
        Seena Rejal
        CEO and Founder
        Shapes AI
          Mark Holmes
          Waymark Tech
              ROULA MOUSSA
              Founder-Managing Partner, Netways
              Founder, AI Venture Labs
                Salim Abid
                Regional Lead, Google Developers Ecosystem Regional: MENA
                Google - UAE
                  Nicholas Zylberglajt
                  Co-Founder and COO
                  Unmanned Life
                    Dr. Adnan Zaidi
                    Chief AI Officer
                      Ali Shabdar
                      Regional Director MEA
                        Sreejit Chakrabarty
                        Director for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
                        GEMS Education
                          Amel Sellami
                          Ai Research Engineer
                            Rayan Al Zahab
                            Digital Consultant
                            Mckinsey & Company
                              Sampath Reddy
                              Product Champion - DELFI data science
                                Asif Sabir
                                Technology Director - Learning & Development
                                London School of Ai

                                  Confirmed Companies include: