Ai Everything Summer Conference – Supporting Partners

AIDirections’ value proposition is based on the development of use cases across a number of industries.  Fast and customized service delivery and proprietary methodologies developed to assist organizations to understand the strategic approaches to AI are available to support this aim.

Ai Venture Labs  accelerate AI, cloud based startups to transform industries vertical-by-vertical, and provide them with Industry Labs to build and grow. For that end, they have developed a new co-acceleration approach by partnering with Microsoft to give startups access to vital resources and industry knowledge that otherwise would be out of reach.

Cloud Interactive provides AI, Big Data Analytics, Software Design and Development service. We are experience in Ad-tech, healthcare, finance, mining, retail, and other highly specialized sectors.

DGWORLD has stimulated the levels of development in the field of AI and Robotics Technologies. From Self-driving Automobiles to operating Robotics Systems by Voice Command to AI-powered server configurations and working for concept for digitization and Converting Smart cities to the next level of Robotic cities

Dubai Chess and Culture Club was established in 1979 as a part of the UAE Chess Federation. With a strong focus on proper training and development, the club has guided and nurtured various players who have emerged champions in local and international competitions. Its players serve as the “backbone” of the UAE National Team, achieving outstanding successes and recognition both at the local and international levels.

A leading product innovation and R&D technology company based in Singapore with global offices in United States, Dubai, Tanzania and Pakistan, and clients ranging from notable Silicon Valley startups to Fortune 500 companies. EIS help clients realize product innovation by bringing together cutting-edge technologies, rock-solid coding, and interactive design into new advancements.

Exordium is an Emarati led startup seeking to empower the UAE community and the loa market’s knowledge and use of AI and AI applications to enhance, optimize, and increase ROI.

Hikvision is a world leading provider of security products and solutions. Featuring a highly skilled R&D workforce, Hikvision manufactures a full suit of comprehensive products and solutions.

Huawei is a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices. Huawei launched full-stack all-scenario AI portfolios, offering customers more abundant, economical, and adaptive AI.

Info Salons is the leading provider of data technology solutions, supplying online & mobile solutions for all your event database management, registration & marketing requirements. Our world renowned onsite services deliver exceptional event experiences.

Kearney is a global management consulting firm with more than 3.600 people in over 40 countries. We serve more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500.

The Predixa Dynamix powerful suite of Ai-driven software rapidly pinpoints areas for improvement, to help business leaders adapt their strategy to stay ahead of the competition in this COVID-19 era.

Thinkers & Tinkers.

Radius Digital is home to a collaborative team of strategy consultants, performance marketers, brand builders, digital artists, coders, producers and Augmented / Virtual Reality experience makers who create stunning immersive content and interactive digital solutions that leave a lasting impact on the audience.

SenseTime is a leading global company focused on developing AI technologies that advance the world’s economies, society and humanity for a better tomorrow. It is also the world’s most-funded AI pure-play with the highest valuation.

Swapcard is an event engagement platform, powered by artificial intelligence and ran by people. Thanks to smart matchmaking, customized recommendations, and flexible scheduling, it enables in-person meetings with the right people and content before, during and after any event.

Connect people with AI at Live and Virtual Events

Match your audience with people and relevant content using Artificial Intelligence

At Techrobotix we create unique user experiences!

We offer unique user experiences that are innovative yet natural, intuitive and easy to use. We create experiences that break down barriers and seamlessly merge the physical with the digital world. Our main experience consists of end to end Multitouch, Gesture, Projection Mapping, Advanced display and Hologram solutions. Since, experiences span across platforms, We also develop custom software solutions to further enhance the user experience. We also have an in house design studio that creates 2D & 3D VFX and animated videos.

Vibes offers staffing agency services in every emirate and across the GCC, backed by a reputation for positioning the right people at every level of an event or promotion.

Whether it’s handling high-profile guests or managing large crowds, Vibes provides carefully screened, confident event staff who remain unflustered under pressure while staying sensitive to local cultural needs.


VISYON is an award-winning company empowering innovation through emerging technologies and creative solutions, such as VR, AR, Holograms and AI.

VISYON has a unique innovation ecosystem allowing us to provide not only Creative Services for international clients across sectors but also to invest in Proprietary Technologies, build bespoke Experiential Installations and to participate in Social Innovation projects.

AT VISYON We Look Beyond.

Transform the way you work, with a unique and powerful suite of software that runs your entire business.