Live AI learning sessions by Ai Everything @ GITEX 2020

Regardless of your industry, business or expertise – having a strong understanding of the principles, potential and application of artificial intelligence solutions is now essential for all professionals.


That’s why we’re inviting you to join us for free learning sessions, hosted by Ai Everything @ GITEX 2020, 6-10 Dec at Dubai World Trade Centre.


Leading AI architects and experts from Lean Tech, The Manor Hotel and iERP deliver ground-breaking ideas, practices and demonstrations on illustrating how you can harness the potential of AI to drive your business forward.

Make sure you join us at Stand No: SR-12, Sheikh Rashid Hall at GITEX 2020

Virtual telepresence, the future of video teleconferencing

Monday 7th December

Time: 2:00 -12:30


The global pandemic has taken a significant toll on people and businesses, particularly in the service sectors where physical presence is essential. RoboAds is rising to the challenge, helping people and organizations navigate massive workforce shifts and establish business continuity. RoboAds technology allows users to initiate a virtual teleconferencing call from the comfort of their home while projecting a virtual telepresence experience. The robot can be placed in malls, hospitals, airports, tradeshows and other high traffic areas.

Faysal ElChamaa, Founder & CEO - RoboAds

AI in PR and comms: the future of online-influenced decision making

Monday 7th December

Time: 16:00 – 17:00



‘PR, Social Media and online communications are an integral and influential part of our daily life. Who doesn’t use social media nowadays? AI is playing a crucial role in disrupting our online experience. From storytelling to creative, AI is leading the way into more personalized and targeted content that is influencing our daily decisions.

Dr. Abdullah Sahyoun, Head of Data Analytics & AI at APCO Worldwide

Business AI predictions - Journey from “Business need” to “Successful delivery”

Tuesday 8th December

Time: 12:30 -13:00



These days, businesses can’t ignore positive impact of AI business predictions to their bottom line, but only 20% of first-time projects will deliver expected business outcomes. During this talk, we will show to CEOs and CIOs how the AI journey looks like and what mistakes to avoid in order to successfully implement AI business predictions algorithms.

Jozef Balaz, CEO and Co-founder, iERP

How can AI powered APIs in Fintech be more user friendly and augment control of financial data?

Tuesday 8th December

Time: 15:00 – 16:00



Launched a consumer consent portal which allows customers to be in control of their financial data with the highest levels of privacy and security, whilst they access Finntech apps. The tool is a perfect combination and example to connect a software developer over-riding a complex ICT infrastructure layer with consumers and financial institutions with a typical plug and play approach.

Dr. Nadia Zaheer, Head of Data Science, Lean Tech (UK)

Using AI to optimise interiors and improve energy efficiency

Wednesday 9th December

Time: 12:00 – 13:00



The first Emirati hotel in Dubai, owned and operated only by Emiratis in a sector dominated by global players. They managed to reduce 40% of energy consumption by using smart AI induced lighting and digital modeling for the interior designs, a trend many hotels will now follow.

Mohammed Hanif Al Qassim, Managing Partner & Founder, The Manor Hotel (UAE)