The Most Rewarding Startup Battleground

There’s fame, glory and surefire success in the offing for the incredibly ingenious AI startups. The Ai Everything x GITEX Supernova Challenge returns to give global startups a chance to grand-stand their ideas, grab the world’s attention and win a bulk of cash from the prize-pool of US$ 100,000.

The battleground is set with big prizes, serious buyers, and a flock of active funders and founders joining the jury duty. It’s now up to you startups, if you think you’ve got what it takes, apply before 30 September 2021.

* Deadline to apply: 30 September  2021

SUPERNOVA 2021 is available for exhibiting startup companies only . To apply for SUPERNOVA 2021, please connect to Exhibitor Zone.

Evaluation Criteria

All startups entering the competition must be:

  • An exhibitor of AI Everything ,GITEX Future Stars, Fintech Surge, Future Blockchain Summit and Marketing Mania
  • At most 5 years in operation
  • Must use technology in their products or services
  • Must have scalable business solutions
  • All startups can apply more than ONE category in the Supernova pitch competition.

Video Criteria

All applicants must submit a URL to their video application. Below are the guidelines:

  • Video must be a maximum of 3 minutes
  • Video must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo
  • Generic corporate videos / animated videos will be accepted.     
  • Video does not need to be animated or require any significant production value – a high quality camera on a mobile phone is sufficient. i.e. It can be a ‘selfie’ styled video with a team member(s) addressing the guiding questions below or a PPT video

Categories & Prizes

Practice your pitch well ‘cause the stakes are high. Besides cash winnings, you definitely will draw the attention of big-ticket investors, multinational corporation heads, government chiefs and media in attendance.

  • Book your POD to compete for Supernova Challenge
  • Supernova Champion US$ 100,000 – Ultimate prize for the most innovative global startup solution
  • Best Emirati Startup US$ 10,000 – For our UAE resident startup founder(s)
  • Best Social Impact US$ 10,000 – Startup innovation/solution addressing social & cultural issues
  • Best Environmental Impact US$ 10,000 – Startup innovation/solution answering environmental issues
  • Best GCC and MENA Startup US$10,000 – Top startup from within the GCC and MENA region
  • Best AI Startup US$10,000 – Startup innovation/solution incorporating AI
  • Best Scaleup US$ 10,000 - Startup that has received USD 3 Million & over in funding and has a developed product
  • Best International Startup US$ 10,000 - Startup with founder(s) residing outside the Arab world
  • Best Youth Startup US$ 10,000 - Startup with founder(s) who are 30 years old or younger
  • Best Female Led Startup US$ 10,000 - Startup founded by a female entrepreneur(s)
  • Best Gen-Z Startup US$ 10,000 – Startup founded by someone born after 1995 (24 and below)

Ai Everything Supernova Challenge 2019 Winner

“The prize money will definitely have a significant impact on making education more personalised and accessible.”

Paul Barakat Diab

Co-Founder, Augmental Education

Ai Everything Supernova Image